Application procedure KP18

Application period January 13th - February 13th

Application for KP18 must take place online.

In order to apply to KP18, you must have an e-mail address and one of the following credit cards; Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or JCB.
A single application form costs 500 DKK (67€).
Up to 6 works can be reported at each applicationform.
Your works must NOT be submitted in physical state for the assessment, except video- and audiofiles which must be submitted at a memory stick (usb).
The assessment is based on photo documentation of your works only. This documentation must be uploaded directly on the application form.
Additionally, your work must meet the >> Technical requirements

Keep in mind that the Jury base the assessment on this documentation only, and the material therefore must be of a quality that leaves no doubts about the character and appearance of your works.

1. Sign up:

Click on the red  button "Sign up for KP18" in the right column (available from January 13th - February 13th).

2. Registration:

You will be registered in KP's system when you fill out the registration form. Remember to click "Save registration info" at the bottom of the page.

3. Payment:

Pay the DKK 500 entry fee with one of the following credit cards: Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or JCB.
Select "Accept payment conditions" - click "Payment of entry form" - select credit card type - complete the credit card information - click "Gennemfør betaling” 
A confirmation of payment will be displayed. 

4. Receipt:

A receipt is automatically sent to your e-mail address. It contains your username (e-mail), password, and a reference number. You need this information in order to log into your application form. Please save this receipt.
If you do not receive the receipt within 5 minutes, please check your junk mail or spam mail folder.
If you still can not find the receipt, please contact KP, on weekdays from 10am to 3pm at +45 2251 2243, or via email

5. >> Log in

- using the password and reference number from your receipt.

6. Review and upload:

Review and uploading of your artwork is done in your application form from January 13th - February 13th.
It is possible to list up to 6 different, unique artworks per application form.
You can upload up to 4 images for each artwork.
It is recommended to upload in small portions - such as 1 or 2 works (4-8 photos) at a time.
Uploading 24 images all at once can cause malfunctions.
You can edit both text and images throughout the application period of January 13th - February 13th.
All kind of workdocumentation must be uploaded directly on the application from with following
Digital works (video, animation, sound files) must be submitted on DVD or USB stick, and must be in the hands of KP no later than Tuesday, February 13th. Clearly label your material with your name, reference number and work number.
Remember to click "Save informations" at the bottom of the form.

7. Technical requirements:

Technical requirements for image files, video files and audio files.
>> Technical requirements

8. When am I finished?

Once you have clicked “Save informations” at the bottom of the application form, KP has your data ready for assessment. You can edit all information throughout the application period.
Deadline February 13th at 12 midnight.

Please offer a few minutes on

>> Terms and conditions KP18
>> Technical requirements
>> Guideline - filling the application form
>> Guideline - reading the result at the applicationform
>> KP timetable


Please contact KP
+45 2251 2243
(workdays 10am - 3pm)
The phone is closed February 19th - 23rd due to the assessment.
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