Simultaneously with KP we show the group exhibition SPRING - in 2020 the 17th time.
SPRING is the Artists' Easter Exhibition talent show with a handful of artists who in recent seasons have made a strong impact on the juried exhibition KP.

SPRING20 – artists and supervisor

Marie Kaarøe (participated at KP18)
Pascal Mayet (participated at KP17)
Kamilla Mez (participated at KP19)
Olivia Willman (participated at KP19)

Supervisor: Marianne Jørgensen

SPRING20 is presented in Kunsthal Aarhus alongside KP20.
About the individual project drafts;

Marie Kaarøe / Kilo(Kubik)Meter (work title)
Marie Kaarøe's illustrative, sculptural and architectural practice investigates the relationship between distance, length, volume and degrees of density.
The proposal for SPRING20 is a three-dimensional drawing / sculpture consisting of a long, tight-fitting string mounted on a cubic frame.

Pascal Mayet / Tomorrow Started (work title)
Focusing on current climate issues, Pascal Mayet will develop a series of visual portraits of our time, the way we live, the pollution we produce and the air we breathe. The format is painting, painted with collected particles from cars and buses exhaust pipes.

Kamilla Mez / MMXX (work title)
Kamilla Mez is interested in the institution itself and the proposal for SPRING20 is an augmented reality installation that investigates how the work can incorporate and correspond with the framework, atmosphere and environment in and around Kunsthal Aarhus. One can imagine the work as a digital dimension placed over an already existing exhibition and in this way reflect on the space the audience already occupies.

Olivia Willman / Pavillon (work title)
New mysticism and Nordic rune magic! Focusing on an almost forgotten cultural heritage, the work will offer an open contemplative space in which a spiritual practice based on Nordic magic and the material SALT can be created. The shape will be a pavilion-like construction of stacked Himalayan salt stones held together by an inner (invisible) steel skeleton.


The purpose of SPRING is

  • to highlight significant artistic expressions and investigations that may otherwise have difficulty finding a public platform
  • to support the individual artist in his/her career
  • in a wider perspective, to strengthen the upcoming arts

SPRING has three major focus

  • Care of talent: Early on in the process, the artists are assigned a qualified supervisor who advises on the individual works. Artists and supervisors collaborate on the overall exhibition and on the form and content of a catalogue.
  • Exchange: A platform is created for new networks and collaborations artists in between.
  • Communication: The relationship between works and the audience is developed by publishing catalogues, handouts, launching public talks, etc.


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