Frequently asked questions

As a starting point you will find all necessary information in 'Terms and Conditions KP' and in the guidelines. They can be found on the website from about New Year. 
However some questions appears year after year.
Here we have collected some of them - and tried to provide adequate answers.

Can I submit joint works?

Yes. If all works on the application form are made in collaboration with another artist you can either use a group name or you can type your first names and your last names in the respective text boxes. Please note that only one email address can be attached to each application form and that the result of the assessment is communicated to this email.
Are only some of the works joint works, it can be typed in the title field for each work, who is the creators of this specific work. For example, 'Title' (a joint work of ... & ...).

Can I buy more application forms?

Yes, you can buy up to 5 application forms at the same email address.The price is the same for all forms - no amount discounts are given.

How can I see if KP has reciewed my images?

We have received your images after clicking 'Save Informations' at the bottom of the applicationform. You will not receive further confirmation. The content of your applicationform is identical to the content KP has.
If you make changes before the deadline, the old images are overwritten, so KP always only has the most recently uploaded images.

Delete an image?

You delete an image by owerwriting with a new one.
If you need a blank image you can download a neutral grey from KP's dropbox folder here


Please contact KP
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The phone is closed March, 4th - 8th, due to the assessment.
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