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SPRING17-satellit presents a project by Yngvild Sæter with the title: “Advanced Notice of Arrival - the future presents the past”
“Advanced Notice of Arrival - the future presents the past” is a series of sculptures set in a future scenario where objects from the present shipping industry are found. The work is based on the notion that there is nothing but imagination at hand to envision the future.

The location is Dome of Visions, Inge Lehmanns Gade, Pier 2.

SPRING17 - intro

September 14, 2016

For SPRING17 the KP Board has invited
Carola Björk (SE)
Julie Greve Lindholm (DK)

Kamilla Jørgensen (DK)
Yngvild Sæter (NO)
to develop and show greater individual projects in cooperation with each other and with the supervisor, visual artist Tanja Nellemann.

SPRING17 is displayed as an overall installation in Kunsthal Aarhus and site specific at Aarhus Harbour (Yngvild Sæter).
The exhibition period is April 1 - 30, 2017 (along with KP17).

The project drafts provides for the following investigations:
Carola Björk/REM; Sequence 3 - the photographic image, its models and spatial presence.
Julie Greve Lindholm/The anatomi of presence - states of presence and absence explored in figurative painting.
Camilla Jørgensen/(untitled) - using manipulation and play with other people's texts explored the written word and its multidimensionality. Specifically, poetry, visualized literature.
Yngvild Sæter/Gate of Gods - Location site specific at Aarhus Harbour:
With a "Cargo cult" approach to the shipping industry at the Port of Aarhus is designed a site-specific installation using found and compound objects from the harbour environment.

Transition towards a new season

June 8, 2016


Although SPRING16 have closed and turned off long time ago (April 17), we would still like to thank Janne Kruse, Karen Gamborg Knudsen, Søren Krag and supervisor Tanja Nellemann Poulsen. The process has been very interesting towards the exhibition, and luckily we managed everything in the end. It is our hope that the audience also has felt challenged by the works
A kind of recognition it must surely be that Søren Krag two wall carpets was purchased by the City of Aarhus.

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SPRING16 catalogue here


The board of KP is currently in the process of selecting next years SPRING exhibitors. We have recieved nine excellent projects proposals, so the potential for an amazing SPRING17 is here.

Locate Dome of Visions

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