The Board of The Artists Easter Exhibition

The Board

Elected at General Meetning, 30 March 2019

Lisbeth Bachman, Chairwoman (elected 2018 for 2 years)
Karina Præstegaard (elected 2019 for 2 years)
Pernille Lærke Andersen (elected 2019 for 2 years)
Ulrik Lund (substitute for Aske Krogh Trillingsgaard)
Sidse Camilla Turvey Aaes (substitute for Cecilie Rosdahl)

Alternate member (elected for 1 year)
David Ramirez Gomez

Regulations election of Board members
Board members are elected at the annual General Meeting for 2 years.
In addition, at least 2 alternate members are elected to the Board.
The following persons are eligible for election to the Board:

  1. All members of KP
  2. People who have previously exhibited at KP
  3. Persons who are not members of KP but who are recommended by the signature of at least 10 members of KP.

KP manager
Ole C Hansen