H&H Travel Grant DKK 10,000

New art award on KP

With H&H Travel Grant, a new art award linked to KP has been established.
The award is a travel grant of DKK 10,000 and was founded by Hansen and Håndsbæk, with the aim of giving talented artists the opportunity to seek inspiration internationally.
It is the founders who, among the accepted art works at this year's KP, select the award-winning art work.
The following criteria are used:
Good craftsmanship

Awarded on opening day
H&H Travel Grant is awarded to the artist behind the work at the vernissage.

H&H Travel Grant is awarded for 3 years
The H&H Travel Grant is provisionally awarded for 3 years starting in 2021.
Should the founders of the award not find a suitable work, this year's grant will go ahead and be added to next year's grant.


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