KP23 User Guide and Terms

Application period 10 - 29 January 2023.
Exhibition period 1 April - 21 May 2023 in Kunsthal Aarhus, J. M. Mørks Gade 13, Aarhus C.

All artists, regardless of age, education, nationality or place of residence, can submit works to KP23.
This applies to both individual artists and groups.
KP23 accepts all categories of art for assessment - including digital art.
Application fee DKK 550 (€ 74).

For the selection procedure must be submitted photodocumentation of works and video- or audiofiles. Physical work are not accepted for the selection procedure.

If you have any questions or just need further information, please contact KP.
Phone: +45 22512243 (workdays 10-15).

Application procedure

Selection results


Submitting works for the exhibition

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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