OPEN CALL KP22-digital

Application for KP22-digital is closed

We have received many qualified applications for this year's KP-digital, but also many inquiries from artists who wish to apply, but who think the fee is too high. We in KP's board have decided to accommodate this by extending the deadline to 13 February and reducing the fee to DKK 200 per application. The artists who have already applied will receive a partial refund as well.


About KP22-digital
KP22-digital is the smaller sibling of The Artists Easter Exhibition (Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling) which invites all artists, regardless of age, background, nationality and place of residence, to submit digital works experimenting with the unlimited virtual space of the online format. KP-digital caters for digital art by creating a platform that meets digital art on the digital art's own terms. KP-digital is the only meritorious platform for the presentation of digital art in Denmark.

Note that KP22-digital asks for digital works of art and NOT reproductions of physical works.
Definition of digital art

All artists, regardless of age, education, nationality or place of residence can submit works to KP-digital.
Individual artists as well as groups are invited to submit works.

Online application 15 January to 13 February 2022.
DEADLINE 13 February 23:59 (midnight)

The selection is based on uploaded digital image files as well as other submitted digital files or links to files.

Application fee is 200 DKK (27 €) and covers the purchase of one journal number.
Up to 6 works can be submitted on one journal number.

Further details here User Guide and Terms KP22-digital


NOTE! - all physical works such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, graphics, photography (print), ceramics etc. must be submitted to KP22, which has its own OPEN CALL and its own selection committee, consisting of Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Lars Heiberg, Peter Land, Jeanette Land Schou and Søren Taaning (all DK).
KP22 will be shown in Kunsthal Aarhus.
KP22 →

Selection Committee KP22-digital

Lone Koefoed Hansen (DK)
Mark Tholander (DK)
Anders Visti (DK)

Why KP22-digital?

The digital art offers an essential opportunity to reflect on our contemporary perhaps most significant paradigm shift - from an analog to a digital era - through art. It works on the media's own terms and is thus an important aspect in understanding the development of culture in the digital era.

This development of digital culture relies on works created for virtual platforms and the Internet. That means that the works are created with digital tools and presented on digital platforms, which is NOT to be confused with digitized art, such as photographs of analogue works of art that may be exhibited in galleries on the Internet.

Definition of digital art

In this context, we define digital art as artistic design that has digital and electronic media as a basis for an art practice. The works can be cross-aesthetic (visual media, music, performance, light, etc. in the same work), and/or contain interactive aspects.
General genres within digital art include: video art, sound art, web art, art games or apps, podcasts, software art, augmented reality and cross-media projects.

  • The artistic idea must be grounded in the digital format. We do NOT want photographs of analogue works of art.
  • The work must be created to be able to work on at least one of the common digital platforms such as PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone - or via links to separate software.

The exhibition

KP22-digital is displayed online from 9 April to 8 May 2022 on KP’s website (and possibly via links to separate software).

Key dates KP22-digital

Open for online application: Saturday 15 January 2022 (Link to registration and payment is available on this site from 15 January)
Deadline application: Sunday 13 February 2022 23:59 (midnight)

Selection completed: Friday 25 February 2022
Selection notification: Monday 28 February 2022

Vernissage: Saturday 9 April 2022, 2pm to 5pm in Kunsthal Aarhus and online
Exhibition runs: Saturday 9 April to Sunday 8 May 2022


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