Audience Award 2022

The winner of The Audience Award 2022 of DKK 10,000 - sponsored by the Aarhuus Stiftstidende’s Foundation - is:

Pia Skogberg and Mette Hegnhøj
for the installation on SPRING22
å andra sidan 

The Audience Award is awarded on the basis of votes cast by the audience at KP22 and SPRING22 on 9 April - 8 May 2022.
A total of 768 votes were cast, of which 49 went to å andra sidan.

Congratulation to Pia Skogberg and Mette Hegnhøj!

Pia Skogberg and Mette Hegnhøj / å andra sidan

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(Photos: Mikkel Kaldal)

å andra sidan
Linen tablecloth 170 x 350 cm, embroidery thread, screen print
Pocket Handkerchiefs 20 x 20 cm, embroidery thread
Graphic frieze 10 x 280 cm, limewash paint

å andra sidan side is a paraphrase of a fictional person from Thy in north-western Jutland and is created with needle and thread on recycled textiles. The work consists of:
A linen tablecloth showing a standing human figure in a scale of 1:1. The person is sketched and filled out with inspiration from collected photographic material, printed as a screen print, and further developed with embroidery threads of different weights.
Embroidered handkerchiefs that underscore the title of the work.
å andra sidan side is an exploration with needle and thread, in which the visual and textual merge, thereby encouraging the elimination of the contradiction between front and reverse. Suspended freely in the room, allowing the viewer to experience the work from both sides simultaneously, enhances this dichotomy.

On Pia Skogberg and Mette Hegnhøj
Visual artist Pia Skogberg and author Mette Hegnhøj's collaborative artistic project unfolds in the space of tension between visual art and poetry.
They work on reconfiguring, based on materials from second-hand shops: drawing with thread, writing with scissors and using their own sketches and graphic printing methods, or books, as a model for the final work.
Skogberg and Hegnhøj are particularly fascinated by the reverse, the behind, or other side, of materials; the invisible, quiet sides of life and embroidery, which they further explore in their work å andra sidan.

Pia Skogberg

Mette Hegnhøj

A professional recognition and a financial boost

Awarding the KP Prize and Audience Award is an initiative coming from KP's Board, and with support by Aarhuus Stiftstidende's Foundation has been made possible a long nurtured desire to upskill talent care in connection with KP.
Winning one of the prizes has meant a professional recognition and financial boost. For as everyone knows, it is the artist who, in principle, bears both expense and risk when creating art works.

KP Prize and Audience Award are donated by Aarhuus Stiftstidendes Foundation and awarded as travelgrants

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