OPENING KP20, SPRING20 + KP21-digital

KP is delighted to finally be able to declare KP20, SPRING20 and KP21-digital as open.

KP21-digital is an online exhibition, directly accessible via this link:

The situation is slightly different with relation to KP20 and SPRING20 in Kunsthal Aarhus, which are still subject to the current Covid-19 restrictions and therefore will first open on Wednesday 21 April.
The exhibition period is 21-29 April. Open every day at 11-19 including Monday 26 April. Corona passes are required to enter Kunsthal Aarhus.
Head to more info:

Although both KP20 and SPRING20 are now installed in Kunsthal Aarhus, we have not had sufficient time to document the exhibition in its entirety, unfortunately. However we will continue to publish images/sounds and excerpts from the exhibition, until such time as it is possible to experience it in real life.

For the moment, both catalogues are available here

It is of course regrettable that we are unable to meet up in person in Kunsthal Aarhus today, but we have nonetheless asked KP board member Pernille Lærke Andersen and treasurer for KP Ole C Hansen to provide a brief welcome speech for the occasion; sadly this is as close to a live situation as we can get, at this time.

Art Awards – will be announced today

Saturday 27 March, at 15.00, we will reveal the recipients of three of our art awards on this page.

The KP Prize of DKK 10,000 sponsored by the Aarhuus Stiftstidende’s Foundation. The recipients have been chosen from the exhibitors of KP20, by a jury composed of Lisbeth Bachman, pernille Lærke Andersen, Jens Erik Sørensen and Jesper Rasmussen.
The H+H travel grant of DKK 10,000 sponsored by Hans-E Møller-Hansen and Per Haansbæk, has also been chosen from the exhibitors in KP20.
The Selection Panel’s Award of DKK 10,000 supported by KP-digital. The recipient has been chosen from the exhibitors in KP21-digital, by Amalie Smith, Signe Klejs and Jacob Tækker.

The fourth Art Award, in conjunction with KP, is the Audience Award of DKK 10,000 supported by the Aarhuus Stiftstidende’s Foundation. This will be awarded at the closing of the exhibition period at the end of April. It is awarded on the basis of votes from visitors to the exhibition.


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