KP Prize 2024

KP Prize 2024 of DKK 10,000, a donation by Aarhuus Stiftstidendes Fond, is awarded to

Marc Du
for the painting
'Mod en blødere verden/Towards a softer world / Oil on canvas / 120x100 cm

The award winner has been selected by a jury consisting of Pernille Lærke Andersen (KP's board), Peter Flejsborg (former Profilen Galery) and Charlotte Fogh (Charlotte Fogh Gallery), gave the following motivation:

This is a persuasive work combining direct intent, conviction and clear technical ability. It invites the viewer into the past, with references to both Munch, Hammershøi and Pop art, while also depicting the present through an image of Nour Fog’s remarkable sculptural world. As you look deeper, the reality faced by the artist becomes more and more tangible. Through its lucid and meticulous connections to both past and present, the work expresses a mood that many artists often experience; one of uncertainty and a search for justification. Marc Du has previously exhibited at KP in 2022 and 2023, and if the evolution and distinct approach evidenced here continues, we believe there is much to look forward to.

Congratulation to Marc Du!


A professional recognition and a financial boost

Awarding the KP Prize and Audience Award is an initiative coming from KP's Board, and with support by Aarhuus Stiftstidende's Foundation has been made possible a long nurtured desire to upskill talent care in connection with KP.
Winning one of the prizes has meant a professional recognition and financial boost. For as everyone knows, it is the artist who, in principle, bears both expense and risk when creating art works.

KP Prize and Audience Award are donated by Aarhuus Stiftstidendes Foundation and awarded as travelgrants

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