SPRING20 Catalogue

The SPRING20 catalogue is a folder with 5 separate booklets.
Tempi1 (first issue) was released on the opening day and contains a presentation of the four SPRING artists, Marie Kaarøe, Pascal Mayet, Kamilla Mez and Olivia Willman.
Tempi2 (the remaining four booklets) documents each artist's SPRING project with photos by Mikkel Kaldal.

Size: Folder; 22x18 cm / 5 booklets; 21x17,5 cm
Number of pages: 12-16 per booklet
Layout: Marianne Jørgensen and the artists
Translation: Phillip Shiels
Proofreading: Lone Manicus
Photos: Mikkel Kaldal and the artists
Tempi1; Werks Offset / 600
Tempi2; Narayana Press / 300

Tempi1 // Introduktion to the artist

Marie Kaarøe // Kilo(Cubic)Metre and 1+1+1

Pascal Mayet // OUT THERE IS IN HERE

Kamilla Mez // Is there Love in the Telematic Embrace?

Olivia Willman //

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