SPRING is the Artists' Easter Exhibition talent show with a handful of artists who in recent seasons have made a strong impact on the juried exhibition KP.
It is KP's board that selects the artists for SPRING.

SPRING24 runs at the same time as KP24 in Kunsthal Aarhus 23 March - 12 May 2024.

SPRING24 artists
Jonas Erboe (participated at KP22)
Spatial Operations (Jens Stegger Ledaal) (participated at KP22 and KP23)
Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir (participated at KP23)

Supervisor: Noelia Mora Solvez

Jonas Erboe

Jonas Erboe
 Once Upon a Time

‘If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to know anything about life, run a Marathon’ - Emil Zátopek

Once Upon a Time is an installation that explores running and the vase and their historical, cultural and symbolic function and meaning. The work consists of 42,195 glazed terracotta vases - one for each of the marathon's 42,195 kilometers - and each depicts a story about the marathon from the first Greek myths to contemporary references and personal experiences.
The work is made with reference to the first Panathenaic Games in ancient Greece, where the winner of the running competition was awarded with prize vases, as well as the running project The Marathon Project, where in the period 2020-2023 the artist ran 12 marathons in - or around - small enclosed rooms or buildings. Among others Kunsthal Aarhus in 2022.


SPATIAL OPERATIONS by Jens Stegger Ledaal

/ Jens Stegger Ledaal
Elisabeth Von Beetzen Thorsen, Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen, Halvor Wilhelm Valle, Hermund Arntzen Dale, Ingrid Bjørnaali, Marianne Stranger

A group-based project that, with artificial landscapes as a central starting point, will seek out and work on places in DK that can present both something characteristic (expected) and a contrast, such as the beaches at Hirtshals strewn with bunkers, a peaceful country road crossed by an enormous concrete bridge (between Aarhus and Silkeborg) or the disturbing at Marselisborg Zoo, where the wild animals are kept as 'ornamental plants' in a sort of pastoral tableau.

The result of the work is presented in Kunsthal Aarhus as an installation with sculpture, video, photo, brought tools, effects and artefacts from the production process.

Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir

Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir

A large relief (12x1.8m) made of colored plaster, a non-linear narrative that examines ideas of cultural exchange and masculinity. The motifs are designed with fine indentations in the surface – a kind of poetic 'cut-outs' from a collection of cultural, personal, literary, musical and historical references. Logos from Iraqi imports stand side by side with images from music videos, family portraits, classic paintings, handwritten notes and dewy rap lyrics.

The purpose of SPRING is

  • to highlight significant artistic expressions and investigations that may otherwise have difficulty finding a public platform
  • to support the individual artist in his/her career
  • in a wider perspective, to strengthen the upcoming arts

SPRING has three major focus

  • Care of talent: Early on in the process, the artists are assigned a qualified supervisor who advises on the individual works. Artists and supervisors collaborate on the overall exhibition and on the form and content of a catalogue.
  • Exchange: A platform is created for new networks and collaborations artists in between.
  • Communication: The relationship between works and the audience is developed by publishing catalogues, handouts, launching public talks, etc.


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