About selection KP21-digital

Task of the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee, appointed by KP's board, selects the works for KP21-digital on the basis of the submitted digital files + possibly project descriptions or statements of artistic intentions, if provided by the submitter.
During the evaluation, the Selection Committee gets no further information about the submitter than journal number and, if applicable, the name by reasoned request.

Artistic criteria only
The Selection Committee select the works solely on the basis of artistic criteria. All other criteria are irrelevant to selection.
The whole Selection Committee evaluate all the submitted works.

Selection procedure
The Selection Committee members are given three days for a preparatory review, after which they meet in Kunsthal Aarhus for the decisive selection, which takes place over three rounds.
First round:
All material is evaluated. If there is one committee member that wants to review one or more of the artist's submitted works, then ALL of that artist's works continues to the second round.
Second round:
Individual works can be selected. If there are at least two committee members who want to review one or more of the artist's works, then these specific works continue to the third round.
Third round:
Finally and decisively - here the works are selected for KP. There must be at least two committee members (simple majority) for a work to be accepted.


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